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Watoto Village

The newest addition to the Juneteenth Festival! A complete village of resources, games, amusement rides, entertainment, and more! It takes a village to raise our children- it's here! Visit Watoto Village at Celebrate Annapolis Juneteenth 2023!

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 10.07.54 AM.png


  • Interactive Gaming for Kids

  • Family Fun Competitions

  • Story Tellers

  • Artists

  • Books & Games for Children

  • Children-owned Businesses

  • Learning Resources

  • Mentoring Groups

  • Health & Wellness Resources



Anne Arundel County Office of Health Equity and Racial Justice

We are super excited to receive generous support from the Anne Arundel County Health Department. This year's focus is emotional wellness. We are proud to offer a wealth of resources to the families of our county through this county-wide push for mental wellness. Our theme for the children's village is "BE GREEN. BE SEEN."

Bring the kids and receive a free village tee shirt and lots of other goodies!

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