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The main goal for this year's festival was to EDUCATE the masses about the struggle for freedom in America and the means by which people of color fought for and continue to pursue liberty and justice for all! 

Nothing nailed it more than this 175 foot exhibit entitled, "Freedom Way".  The Vision of Phyllis Adams, historian Bishop Craig Coates took on the task of creating an outdoor museum-like tribute to the struggle and the gains! 

Thousands of persons took the time to engage with Dr. Coates as tears flowed from faces, and enlightenment took place. This exhibit will is a visual feature at this year's festival for the third year! Come and be inspired and educated.

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About Freedom Way

The exhibition features a series of 8' panels that reveal the blueprints of slavery to Juneteenth and beyond. Dr. Coates chooses factual documents that tell a unique story full of surprises. Onlookers were given the opportunity to listen through headphones attached to their smart phones as the panels are discussed. The entire exhibition is a 23-minute presentation that left festival attendees in total amazement. Many conversations took place throughout the day as people from every ethnicity found commonality through Freedom Way.


Dr. Craig Coates

Historian & Creator of

the Freedom Way  Exhibit


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